Doodling / listening to Fleet Foxes / thinking about that cute boy I’ll see in kayaking club tomorrow.
My scanner doesn’t work so here’s a shitty picture from my phone. Tada~
Wip part 2.
After several hours of chem, I finished the night with some well-deserved art time.

Highlights of the day: listening to my landlords yell at each other upstairs, finding a spider in my bedroom sink, spending 10 hours cleaning. 

Late night doodling.
Drew the first man in Sidney BC a few months ago and drew the second man a couple of days ago on the ferry to Victoria, my new home!

Yaya I just made an Instagram for my art; @monicamccrea

I saw some sea otters last night. I also tried to doodle my sadness away.

If I made an Instagram for my art would any folks follow it????

Current project I’m working on: pants for my friend Gerrit.
calypsos: do you have a flickr or instagram for your art? oh my stars your art style is so attractive

Wow, thank you so much! But no, I have neither Instagram or Flickr…I guess I just don’t really post art often enough to have more than a tumblr account.

Poetry by Michelle K.
Just some summer doodles