Just some summer doodles
yay it’s another wip of my painting
Finally painting for fun……..for the first time since November. Oops?
Feels good, man. Feels good.
Working on this right now, between doing all sorts of art commissions.
I love it so far.
After a loooong week, feels good to just relax, watch my favorite Shakespeare play, and do some artsy shit.
some little artsy pieces I did for an art trade a couple months ago
quick model sketch // aching aching aching 
bunnythroughthemirror: Your art is amazing, keep up! :D

Thank you :)

warmup sketch of my brother & his friend being dumb 
rizzlesclones: Your art is so perfect though, Monica. I love coming to your blog and looking at it. :)

I’m definitely having a lot of doubts lately about my art, so thank you so much, Rose. :) I really appreciate it.