Highlights of the day: listening to my landlords yell at each other upstairs, finding a spider in my bedroom sink, spending 10 hours cleaning. 

Late night doodling.
Drew the first man in Sidney BC a few months ago and drew the second man a couple of days ago on the ferry to Victoria, my new home!

Yaya I just made an Instagram for my art; @monicamccrea

I saw some sea otters last night. I also tried to doodle my sadness away.

If I made an Instagram for my art would any folks follow it????

The thing about being sarcastically/ironically cocky is that eventually you actually believe what you’re saying and as a result, boosts your self confidence.

Current project I’m working on: pants for my friend Gerrit.
calypsos: do you have a flickr or instagram for your art? oh my stars your art style is so attractive

Wow, thank you so much! But no, I have neither Instagram or Flickr…I guess I just don’t really post art often enough to have more than a tumblr account.

Poetry by Michelle K.
Just some summer doodles
yay it’s another wip of my painting
Finally painting for fun……..for the first time since November. Oops?
Feels good, man. Feels good.
Working on this right now, between doing all sorts of art commissions.
I love it so far.